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So not going to lie, I was pretty desperate to get out of Arkansas. I was just no happy living there. Yes I had friends there and I was excelling at work but my mom recently passed away and I felt like I needed to get out of there ASAP. My uncle and grandpa still live in Arkansas, so of course I was going to miss them but they knew that it was best for me to venture out. I had hoped my first assignment would be in Denver or Dallas but with only a year of ER experience and no travel experience, my choices were either Iowa or Wisconsin. No offense peeps from Iowa. I knew Milwaukee was bigger city than Fayetteville so I went with it.

I started working on March 13th and I felt like my life has been on high speed since then. I joined bumble bff (sponsor me bumble šŸ˜‰ ) and I made a lot of new friends and also dating on bumble doesn’t hurt either. There’s so much to do in Milwaukee that I feel like I’m not going to experience it all before June. I have finally been around people that understand my joy for craft beer. THERE ARE BREWERIES EVERYWHERE. Yes I love to drink so that’s why I think I get along with people from Milwaukee so well. Its nice that Chicago is so close because I’m pretty obsessed with the idea of me being 28 and living in a condo on Illinois St. CheersĀ to MKE for beingĀ a rad first travel assignment.


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