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Bullying is so 2000

So a little background action : I was best friends with this one girl back home, we did everything together and if we were ever alone people would ask where the other one was. We were there for each other through the good and bad times. It came to the point where we weren’t friends anymore. You know its real when someone deletes you off their social media page. Not going to bore you guys with the details of what exactly happened but it was really rough for me. I had lost my best friend. I wish that I could text her and tell her all the crazy experiences ive been having, but I can’t. She had a lot more friends than I did back home so when I moved away from Arkansas they all did the “no new friends” thing on Instagram. Great, I’m so happy for you for not having new friends.  Drama is not my forte, I try to stay away from it completely. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but taking the time to message someone to bully them is not cool. We aren’t in high school anymore. I posted something on twitter about Hangout Fest and this particular girl was like “he doesn’t wanna hangout with you.” Ok. Cool. I didn’t even tweet her about this at all so the fact that she just went out of her way to be hurtful still surprises me. Keep in mind that this person is THIRTY. THIRTY YEARS OF AGE. Like isn’t it time to grow up a little? I’m a people pleaser, I like it when people like me. I called my uncle and told him about it and talked on the phone for about an hour because it bothered me so much. Why don’t people do something useful with their time like read a book, go to the gym, or volunteer? Bullying will never be cool. I’m kind of scared to go back home in the fact that I’ll run into them. I have other friends back home but these are the girls that are out all the time. If what I say or do on my social media pages bothers them that bad, they can just press the unfollow button. I am 719 miles from home and people still have the need to go out of their way to try to make my day bad. NO ma’am. Not this girl 🙂


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