Ciao Wisconsin!

My first travel assignment to Wisconsin has come to an end and I still can’t believe how much fun I had. Now i’m sure youre thinking whhaaattt? Fun? In Wisconsin? Yes there is actually more to Wisconsin then you think! I guess it depends what you are interested in but I’m going to narrow some of the popular places that you NEED to check out while you are there!

Places to eat: Okay I don’t know if anyone else considers them a foodie, but food pretty much takes up 99% of my brain space. Just a ground rule, if it has cheese on it in WIsco, its bound to be good. They really take pride in their cheese and they should because it’s amazing. Its like ive never had cheese before I came to Wisco. The first place you have to go to is Café Benelux, it has that harry potter vibe that everyone born in the 90s love. The Siesta burger is pretty much the bomb, paired with a bloody of course. Don’t trust people that say they don’t like bloody marys to be honest. Next place is called Wicked Hop. It has a cute American vibe but the torta sandwich is where its at. Usually I can only get torta sandwiches at sketchy Mexican restaurants but wicked hop does a good job, also paired with a bloody mary.

Places to drink: Pretty much every corner in Milwaukee but you have to do the famous brewery tours. Slightly pricey but worth it, lake front brewery is my top choice. They have a idgaf attitude and the beer is amazing. Riverwest is handsdown the best craft beer. I know Wisconsin is known for Spotted Cow but Riverwest should really be number one.

Places to hike: the featured image was at this place 2 hours from Milwaukee so if you’re up for the drive, read ahead. Its called Cave Point County Park, the parking is free. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was how many flies were around everywhere but if you keep telling yourself that the destination is worth it you can keep on walking. Another easy and wonderful hike is in Grafton town called Lions Den. Also here the nets are ridiculous but the view is gorgeous that it won’t matter.

I’m so glad Wisconsin was my first assignment, it was the perfect place to breakthrough my comfort zone and adventure to the person I am today. Anyone want to guess where my next assignment is?


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