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An ocean away

Arkansas has no ocean. I would go to the beach in Florida for about a week or two once a year. Now that I live ON AN ISLAND, I am going to pretty much live in the water. I’m pretty sure I might have skin cancer already with being on the beach so much. Being on the beach is honestly the best therapy. You really cant beat listening to music, reading a book, and drinking a cold beer.

Being around the ocean 24/7 is amazing for your body because do you know much calories you spend if you swim, snorkel, paddle board or surf. I am currently obsessed with my new gadget the GoPro Hero 5 session so I’ve been going snorkeling constantly. The first day I got my GoPro selfie stick, I didn’t tighten it up enough and of course I swam with 4 turtles that day. Yeah it sucked I didn’t get a cool photo but the experience was amazing. I will never forget it. They are so graceful but silly at the same time. I was scared I was going to accidently hurt them because of the waves so I didn’t want to get too close to them. My favorite snorkeling spots so far has to be Kua Bay and Captain Cook. I think honestly, anywhere you go on the big island is going to be a great snorkeling experience. I would recommend getting tracking shoes since the big island beaches are a little more rocky. It’ll save you from getting so many cuts on your feet. Also invest in a good snorkel and mask to make sure you are actually enjoying the beautiful fish deep down in the ocean 🙂


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