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Chicago : the epic life

The good thing about Milwaukee is that its pretty close to Chicago. I never thought this time last year I would be experiencing the life of Chicago because it is definitely different. I went to Chicago for the first time with this guy that I barely knew (different story for a different day) but we had a blast. I fell in love with it. The rush, the people, the FOOD. Since January, I’ve been to Chicago three times and it has been a crazy experience each time. I always forget the restaurants that I go to but the clubs are my favorite. I don’t mind going to regular bars but clubs are just so much fun because of the dancing. The best day club is Fremont, it’s actually the only day club I’ve been in Chicago but I keep going back because it is like a movie. I guess my little Arkansas heart can’t handle all the coolness.  The full-time DJ has everyone going and  can’t forget about the sparklers on the bottles of champagne. No one can have a bad time with a brunch buffet and mimosa bar. It’s the perfect place for day drinking. Obviously we went to back to our Airbnb and take a cat nap. Naps after drinking can be tricky because you are either 100% refreshed or you just sleep through night because a warm bed makes it hard to leave. My favorite club to go to in Chicago would be bottled blonde. Its packed, the DJ is always killing it and everyone is dressed to the nines. It’s exactly what you would expect a Chicago club to be. I like to go clubbing as you can tell. Obviously while you’re in chi, you have to check out the cool art and huge buildings. The classic Chicago mural is my favorite because this artist has skill. First time I went to chi, we went to the sky deck which was pretty intense for some people. I still don’t understand why people would wait that long line and then not step on the edge haha. The bean is also a classic that everyone needs to take a picture by. It’s cool how there’s a garden around it and the buildings look in the reflection. I just love Chicago and definitely considering living there when I finally settle down…who knows when that will be.